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Friday, October 28, 2011

CNN: GPS shoes track dementia patients

What a great solution and I can already see how there would be many more applications for this option which could and probably would prevent a whole lot of grief and problems.

I am not sure how exactly this GPS is incorporated in the shoes, but I can imagine there is quite some technology involved which probably makes use of printed circuit boards. I suspect they initially had a prototype PCB developed to try it out and see how it worked.

There is no need to go through a huge ordeal these days in order to get a good prototype PCB; it actually takes but a few keystrokes to find what you need or specify your requirements and before you know it, it is on the way to your doorstep and ready for use.

In this age of technology there are all kinds of purposes for this type of products and I can only see a rising demand for the future. Knowing who to turn to for an excellent prototype PCB makes both life and doing business much easier.

No, it doesn't seem that printed circuit boards will have had their chips anytime soon, if ever at all!



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