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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

CNN: 9 beaches that define the English summer

It is not the beaches that define the summer. The amount of sunshine is more imperative which would ensure the beaches are well visited. Unfortunately, the sun's UV rays could lead to sunburns, a much higher risk of skin cancer and/or other skin disorders. A thick layer of sunscreen is no guarantee against any of these negative effects.

Another impact of catching too much sun is that your skin ages faster. Wrinkles and crow's feet will appear sooner and only aesthetic surgery can correct that. The best way of taking good care of your skin is to apply sunscreen with a high UV protection and retreat to a shady spot.

Wintertime can be just as devastating. The cold outside and warm air inside can lead to dry skin with all its woes, irritations, and blemishes. For good advice on skin care a "skin specialist delhi" has all the answers and can treat any of the aesthetic and dermatologic skin problems you are dealing with.

It sure wouldn't hurt to visit a dermatologist on a regular basis, just to be and stay on the safe side. An early detection of a skin disease can prevent a lot of grief and problems are the last thing we need to define our summer.

Or any other time for that matter!

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

ABC: Who's This 99-Year-Old Oscar Winner looking for caskets-los-angeles?

This post brought to you by Same Day Caskets LLC. The content and opinions expressed below are that of News Knowledge.

I honestly don't know if this Oscar winner is looking for a casket, but seeing his age it may not be such a bad idea to dive into Caskets for Sale Los Angeles.

Birth and death are part of the circle of life and where we celebrate the first, we like to forget about the latter. That is not really fair to our loved ones who already have enough to worry about in case of our demise.

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The tendency to overpay just to get it done and over with is great.

We can save our loved ones a ton of money and grief by picking out our casket before it is too late.

Whether you prefer a steel, copper, bronze, or wooden casket, it can be customized according to personal taste and preference.

Steel caskets are corrosion resistant and graded by gauge. Copper and bronze are usually a bit more expensive due to being rust-proof, designed to resist tarnishing, and being graded according to metal weight in ounces per square-foot.

The price of wooden caskets usually depends on the type of wood, but even in that case Caskets Los Angeles offers Californian customers the cheapest prices available with the convenience of being able to shop online from the comforts of their own home.

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If you have questions, like to know more about same day delivery for caskets and/or funeral flowers and sprays in California, you can always contact SameDay Caskets at 323-775-9182.

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Tomorrow may be too late!

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Fox News: Is the Republican Party in trouble?

According to the current polls they might be, but all that is way too early to tell. Besides, who are their participants anyway? I sure wasn't invited to participate and I sincerely doubt many of you weren't either.

We can let our voices be heard though by going to and complete one of the polls presented on their site. The polls are anonymous and only take a fraction of your time to complete.

A cool feature this site offers is being able to ad a photo related to the subject of the poll you just took. Just keep in mind that the image can not be of the ballot, because that is against the law. It also must be family friendly and not contain any personal information.

That's like killing two birds with one stone; we can set the records straight by casting our vote and have some fun after it's done. And if you happen to be looking for items and/or services to sell or resell offers plenty of opportunities for that too.

Let's do this and see who really is in trouble!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

ABC: Tax Tip: Where's My Refund?

You may have to practice more patience in order to get your money back. In case you wonder why, the answer is because it is up in the air. And you can take that in the literal sense of the word, according to this headline from Fox News: Obama, Michelle fly to LA, taxpayers pay big.

I don't think it would be a good idea to make any objections or start asking questions about why our hard earned money suddenly went into the blue. I have a suspicion that would not go over so well. Keep in mind that it could be one of those CBS: Tax return red flags to look for to avoid an audit.

Should we muster up the courage and decide to make inquiries, we probably have to contend with a waiting period. We may not receive an answer for at least 8 days or even longer. All the 'private' information has to be eliminated, because that is not supposed to be of our business.

Really? We are not supposed to stick our noses in the politicians' businesses, but they are entitled to every detail concerning our lives? Where is the transparency in that? We are about to find out since CNN: Scientists unlock how chameleons change colors. Yeah, the true colors will soon be shown.

Maybe they already have!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

NBC: It's Daylight Saving Time, But Not for Everybody

No, we are not all on the same schedule. Even when we think we are, we might be in for a surprise. That happened to us yesterday. We were supposed to pick up our grandson at a given hour. No problem and no rush, because we had plenty of time, or so we thought. Our daughter called wondering where we were. We told her we were about to head out and be on our way.

Since it struck us as odd for her to call while it wasn't time yet, we asked her if something was wrong. She said all was fine, but that she got concerned when we didn't show up. You can probably imagine the question marks in our eyes, which cleared up pretty quick when she informed us that the clock had sprung forward an hour last night. Oops! That had totally escaped us.

You can image the anxiety that came with that realization. We were almost an hour late picking up our grandson and the clocks in our abode all had to be reset. Stress city galore and stress is said to be an excellent motivator for packing on the pounds. Some consolation may be found in the question: NBC: Can the Snooze Button Keep the Weight Off? Sure it can: procrastination is the thief of time.

Breakfast will be out of the question!

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

CBS: Hillary Clinton's emails: Command, control, delete

This post brought to you by Disk Drill - Free data recovery software . The content and opinions expressed below are that of News Knowledge.

Whether it happened accidentally or on purpose, that is a quick and simple way to get rid of files and/or correspondence. What Hillary, and many others, may not be aware of is that it can be recovered as quickly as it was deleted.

With one simple keystroke the storage device is scanned and the lost data will pop up in no time. Disk Drill - Free data recovery software can handle any drive from internal Windows hard drives to external hard drives to USB flash drives to iPods and much more.

Even though all those different storage devices handle storage in their own unique way, they are no match for Disk Drill for Windows. This free software will put a quick scan, deep scan, and undelete protected data to good use until the desired data is found and retrieved.

It is actually quite simple: the deleted items may still be on the drive. Only part of it may have been lost or maybe even rearranged. If that is the case, Disk Drill will find it and rebuild it to recover your lost files.

It really is a piece of cake; install Disk Drill for Windows, push one button and let it run its course. The software even comes with a Recovery Vault which makes note and keeps track of all deleted data. That makes for easy recovery in the future.

No worries about the costs. Anyone can afford it. It's free!

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Monday, February 9, 2015

CBS: Is SmartTV getting too smart?

That kind of reminds me of the question if a computer can make mistakes. Most people tend to say it can't and I have to agree. When mistakes are made they are usually the result of the actions of the person behind the keyboard.

Even bugs which come with an operating system are problems created or overlooked by the people who designed it. Those kinks mostly rear their ugly heads when the system is up and running and have to be eliminated by the experts.

So, is SmartTV getting too smart? Nope, the designers either have overlooked this problem or created it for a special reason. In case you still are not aware of the what the problem is; the TV reacts to voice commands and speech recognition can pick up on personal information which is sent to a third party.

Big Brother is already making the rounds on the Internet and now he is slowly but surely creeping into our living rooms. I don't know about you, but I don't want this uninvited company. Maybe we can come up with a way to outsmart our SmartTV. There has got to be something we can do to avoid our TV from snooping on us.

Yes, there is: pull the plug!

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