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Monday, March 16, 2015

ABC: Tax Tip: Where's My Refund?

You may have to practice more patience in order to get your money back. In case you wonder why, the answer is because it is up in the air. And you can take that in the literal sense of the word, according to this headline from Fox News: Obama, Michelle fly to LA, taxpayers pay big.

I don't think it would be a good idea to make any objections or start asking questions about why our hard earned money suddenly went into the blue. I have a suspicion that would not go over so well. Keep in mind that it could be one of those CBS: Tax return red flags to look for to avoid an audit.

Should we muster up the courage and decide to make inquiries, we probably have to contend with a waiting period. We may not receive an answer for at least 8 days or even longer. All the 'private' information has to be eliminated, because that is not supposed to be of our business.

Really? We are not supposed to stick our noses in the politicians' businesses, but they are entitled to every detail concerning our lives? Where is the transparency in that? We are about to find out since CNN: Scientists unlock how chameleons change colors. Yeah, the true colors will soon be shown.

Maybe they already have!



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