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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ABC: 5-Year-Old Receives Invoice After Missing Friend's Party

In case you are wondering if this is for real than wonder no more, because it is. So, the next time you get invited to a party you better hope you will not get sick or be confronted with other situations which require your immediate attention. It could turn out to be costly.

I don't think invitations like this 5-year old received will go over well and would be tolerated for very long. Sending an invoice after a no-show is not exactly generating much, if any, goodwill. That could explain the result a study has found which shows how Fox News: Your birthday could affect when you die.

You still are faced with a problem though. You have no choice but to attend once you receive an invitation. Whether you like the person or not, whether he/she is notorious for throwing boring parties or not, you have to grace them with your presence.

I suppose the next thing we should expect getting billed for is the gift we bring. We sure couldn't show up without one and when we do, it better be to the host's likings. I hope this is not going to be a trend. Party-time would no longer fun time.

It could be pay back time!



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