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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

CNET: Fascinating Rosetta image captures Philae's comet bounce

It sure is fascinating seeing what all is going on outside our little world and there are many who are convinced we will eventually stumble upon other intelligent forms of life.

When we do, don't expect them to speak the same language. There may not be much communication at first, unless and until some people invest the time and energy in learning this foreign language and offer their services as a translator.

That shouldn't be much of an obstacle. We have encountered international languages before which sounded rather alien to our ears at first. Some language wizards tackled the problem and due to their efforts we can now rely on excellent translations.

We can't know what else Rosetta will encounter, but we are in very capable hands when it comes to the written as well as spoken words on our planet. Chinese is not gibberish anymore thanks to Rosetta's translation services in China and businesses no longer have to fear running into a language barrier.

You can find these translation agencies all over the globe and their assistance in communications have been proven its worth in gold over the years. Their accurate and precise translations have led to many successful enterprises and business deals.

The confusion of tongues is over!



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