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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Unusual Cooking Methods: Cooking Without a Stove

Cooking can be a creative experience. Trying new recipes, experimenting with different spices and ingredients and creating your own recipes are all part of the creative process. Some things work, others don’t. The joy is in the journey. Most people stick within certain cooking parameters but others have taken experimentation to whole new level. Cooking on the stove is just too tame for them. Seemingly crazy cooking methods run the gamut from paper bags to appliances. A warning: these methods are not recommended, so if you do try them, do so at your own risk.

The book “Manifold Destiny” came out in 1989 and cooking on your car engine suddenly seemed practical. A fish fillet tightly sealed with aluminum foil is placed on the hottest part of the engine after a one-hour drive and 15 minute cool-off period. Other recommended dishes include pork tenderloin and shrimp.

Dishwasher cooking is all the rage these days. Today’s dishwashers heat water to a high enough levels making it possible to cook food. Fish is a popular dishwasher dish, but everything from bagels to lasagna is possible. Food is wrapped tightly in aluminum foil, placed in a clean dishwasher and run though it’s highest, hottest cycle. Leave the detergent out of this load.

Outdoor open fire cooking has been around since fire was discovered, but there are some interesting variations on the concept. An ingenious camping style breakfast uses a paper bag, two eggs and bacon. Place the bacon in the bottom of the bag, add two cracked open eggs, without the shells, roll the top of the bag down, poke a stick through the bag and hang low over a fire. Give it five minutes and you have a bacon and egg breakfast.

Time Saving Cooking Tips and Solutions to Old Problems

It doesn’t matter if you stick to the tried and true or if you are always looking for something new to try, cooks are always on the lookout for tips, tricks and problem solutions to make their lives easier.

Here are some time saving and useful cooking tips:

Crack eggs on the edge of the table, not the mixing bowl. If pieces of shell fall into the bowl, use another piece of shell to fish it out.Turn cold butter into spreadable by grating it with a cheese grater and letting the grated butter sit for one minute.Slice an onion by cutting it in half through the root portion. Place the flat side down and slice vertically from the tip to near, but not through to the root. Hold the root end and chop crosswise. The result? No slipping and fewer tears.Remove onion and garlic scents from your hands by rubbing them with a stainless steel utensil for 30 seconds. The stainless steel absorbs the smell.



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