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Monday, October 13, 2014

NBC: How to Pick Your Own Apples Like a Pro

That shouldn't be so hard to learn. The biggest problem we probably would run into is how to accumulate enough stamina to be able to pick an entire basket full.

In case you don't like to lift your arms and risk ending up with painful muscles, you can always gather up those that dropped to the ground. They shouldn't be difficult to find; they usually don't fall far from the tree.

Yes, you need energy and stamina for that too. Maybe we ought to exercise a little before we pick apples, and oranges for that matter. It seems to me like whether you pick apples, or work up the stamina to do so, you will end up all achy and sore anyway.

There is a plus to all of this though and you will eventually be able to reap the benefits. Yes, you guessed it; an apple a day keeps the doctor away. In case you don't believe me, ask the expert: CNN: Inside the head of Apple's top designer.

That person might be able to give you a little insight. The dynamics of how things really work could be very enlightening. It may take some persistence and patience, but we all know that patience makes perfect.

Who knows; you may eventually get to the core!



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