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Monday, August 25, 2014

ABC: Earthquake Strikes Northern California

One of the things a person ought to learn is to never take anything for granted. It is more important accepting that's the way it is. Try not to get too comfortable with your daily life either, because as soon as you do something is bound to rock your world and turn it upside down from the inside out.

It is better to expect the unexpected. You could force your eyelids apart in the morning and discover you are living in an entire new world. No, you are neither dreaming nor living in an alternate universe. Mother Nature decided to give us a wake up call and hitting the snooze-button is of no avail.

Don't feel like you are an exception to the rule. It is rumbling all over the world; CNN: 6.9-magnitude quake strikes Peru. Even when you think you are living outside of the earthquake zone you could encounter some pitfalls and awaken not knowing your head from a hole in the ground; ABC: Giant Sinkhole Consumes Indiana Couple's Backyard.

There is nothing new under the sun where that is concerned. Speaking of which, it seems like Mother Nature has joined forces with the weather; NBC: This Year's Weather May Be Most Unusual on Record and they are not done yet. The Yahoo!: Farmers' Almanac predicts another nasty winter is coming our way. We would do wisely to keep that in mind.

When we do, it won't come as a shock!



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