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Monday, June 30, 2014

CBS: Made of money

While scouring the media this morning I came across these so called paintings which were made of money. The artist apparently already has a good reputation and his work is in high demand. That results in the fact that his creations are not cheap.

Even though he uses only one dollar bills for his projects, he must have enough of them to fabricate lots of wall art that is made of this U.S. currency. I don't think I will ever be able to display some of his work.

Unlike his paintings, I am not made of money.

Staying in the arts and crafts world, CNN: What's at stake: Hobby Lobby vs. Obamacare? There is no telling what the outcome will be, but we are about to find out. It is a given; one has to be extremely creative, crafty, and resort to all kinds of arty ways to win this one.

You never know though; they might pull a rabbit out of the hat.

BTW, were you aware that Fox News: You cut grapes all wrong? I sure wasn't, but this knowledge is wasted on me anyway since I don't cut them.

I certainly have no intention of peeling you a grape either and I have my sincere doubts cutting them the appropriate way will affect their flavour.

They will not taste any less sour!



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