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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CNET: An inside look at a typical day in tech wonderland

We sure spend a lot of time in tech wonderland. Just think about all the untold hours we sit in front of our computers, or make calls and send text messages with our state of the art iPhone. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the course of only a few decades and the end is not even anywhere near.

There is hardly any place we go without our iPhone in our pocket. That also means however that if we don't have an iphone case for it, it is exposed to all kinds of accidents. The likelihood it will hit the ground is great. Without a durable, protective cell phone case it will soon end up by the wayside.

We don't have to settle for one of those boring, flimsy cases anymore. We can opt for a colorful and customized monogram case anytime. We can pick either a hard plastic or soft silicon monogram iphone case and be the talk of the town.

Don't be surprised if friends want to get a monogram cell phone case of their own. We may get weary answering the question where we purchased our super cool monogram iphone 5 case. It is perfectly fine to share the source of our investment. The selection is so extensive, it is doubtful they will end up with the same case.

It is a good idea to protect our phone by choosing either an iphone 5 case or an iphone 4 case. Maybe a samsung galaxy case is in order. This will substantially diminish and even prevent our lifeline from suffering any damage.

It will save us money and ensure we will be spending many more days in tech wonderland!



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