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Monday, June 23, 2014

CNN: BBQ grill charges your smartphone

It is incredible how quickly technology advances and caters to our every need. I am not so sure how this BBQ grill would charge your phone, but I would strongly caution you to be very careful and follow the instructions to the letter.

Mistakes are easily made and your phone could go up in smoke, or the smoke might soon be coming out of your ears. Don't mistake your phone for a burger you just threw on the barbie either. I don't think it will handle barbeque sauce very well. If it does than your teeth won't handle your phone very well.

According to Yahoo!: Common burger blunders — and how to avoid them, it seems like many make some errors while grilling. Well, we are only human and practice makes perfect. Should your burgers turn into hard, black, unrecognizable pieces of leather, or suddenly disappear without a trace, you can always blame it on this grill.

Since it is equipped with technology, it can crash. No one can blame you when you don't come up with the tasty morsels everyone has a desperate craving for. The blue screen of death can happen to anyone at any time. Isn't that right? It not only makes for a good excuse, but also comes in very handy when you mess up.

How convenient!



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