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Monday, May 26, 2014

Fox News: De-stress with your dog

I have come across similar headlines in the past few weeks and didn't comment on them. I couldn't. I had to get past the envy of those pet-owners whose dogs do take the stress away instead of adding to it, because our 'best' friend belongs to the last category.

Don't get me wrong; we love our dog. She has the best disposition, is always loving and friendly, and chose us as her family. She literally did by showing up in our yard one day and making herself at home. In spite of asking around and putting up some photos, no one claimed her.

We understand now why they didn't; she has some habits which we can do without. Right off the bat; she jumps up on everyone. We are still in the process of breaking her of that habit, but she is extremely hard-headed.

She loves to chew on anything and everything. The bottom of the walls of our storage building is chewed to pieces. Holes are scratched in the siding. Window boxes have been pulled down and their contents scattered all over the yard.

The rope ladder of the kids' play fort is missing its lower half. It can be found in pieces throughout the yard. Speaking of the yard; sinkholes suddenly appeared from one day to the next. We finally found out she is trying to dig her way to the middle of the earth.

She wants to be helpful by pruning trees and plants. She must not like the plastic pots or our patio furniture and displays her dismay through bite and chew marks and it is not that she hasn't any dog-toys.

She has plenty of them, or rather would have plenty if you gather up the pieces and stitch them together. Nothing can be left outside or it will be chewed up. Kids' bikes, footballs, you name it; it is all made for play and destruction.

What's so stressful about all that? Think about all those loads of extra, unnecessary laundry. Having to replace and repaint storage building and house. A never-ending cleaning up of the yard and filling in the holes. The stress of getting up in the morning, wondering what damage she did during the night.

In spite of all that I love her to pieces. Sometimes I wish I had!



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