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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fox News: Top 11 military museums to visit this Memorial Day

That would be a great way to spend your day and a wonderful tribute to all those who gave and risked their lives for our nation. They didn't have to, but they were happy and proud to be given the chance to make a difference. And they did.

I wouldn't know what shape we would be in without their brave efforts and sacrifices and I was glad to read that some CNN: Vets get long overdue medals. Many people would love to lay their hands on one of those and add it to their collection of military memorabilia, US military gifts, decals, and patches.

I can not even begin to imagine what a very impressive collection that must be. It is one of those rare collections that mean something to almost everyone. The moment you lay your eyes on the American Military Patches for instance, feelings of honor, courage, patriotism, freedom, and unity, take the stage.

It could prod the beholder wanting to gather up a nice selection of their own, but where would be a good start to look for them and what would be available? These patches and military decals are not an every day item to come across and those who have them in their possession are not easily persuaded to let go of them.

The best thing to do is to go right to the source. Everything and anything concerning military and even Coast Guard patches, gifts, and memorabilia related can be found on the website of the company that also fabricates and supplies our armed forces with their individually needed and/or required patches.

Some people would prefer acquiring those items when they have history and there is a story attached to them. Let me point out to you that even when they are brand-spanking new, each of those items represent all that and then some.

They depict a long history and untold stories of courage and bravery!



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