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Thursday, June 26, 2014

ABC: FIFA Suspends and Fines Suarez After Biting Player

I couldn't help it. The media gave me so much to chew on today I hardly knew where to start. I therefore buckled down and sank my teeth in several of the topics.

Someone must have had a similar idea, although the person in the title of this post took it literally and chose one of his opponents for doing so. He didn't have to wade through the headlines. He made them, but the price was rather steep.

It may be a wise idea to furnish him with a muzzle as soon as his suspension is over.

The following headline was absolutely an eyebrow-raiser: ABC: 2 Men Throw out $1M Ticket, Sue New Jersey Lottery. I can't wait to hear the outcome. If they succeed, I might sue every lottery for failing to sell me the winning ticket.

Well, what do you know? CNN: Supremes pick Congress over Obama. I was under the impression this trio had split up a long time ago. I guess they decided it was time for either a reunion or a come-back.

I am getting reflections of the way life used to be.

Someone else who might have those same reflections is Bill Clinton. He probably has sweet memories of the time they were wealthy and rich. At least now we know where some of their money went; Fox News: Clinton laughs about splurging on 14 watches.

As far as his wife is concerned: CNN: Hillary: 'My record speaks for itself'.
I don't think that matters at this point!



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