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Monday, July 7, 2014

NBC: Are Office Robots Really a Good Idea?

There are pros and cons to everything and office robots are no exception. On one hand they could be useful, but on the other hand they might just be taking away what little fun you might experience on the job.

I suppose if it is boring, repetitive labor which someone has to carry out eight hours a day a robot would be a great replacement or addition. Doing the same task over and over and over tends to dull the human brain. Robots could relieve a worker from this kind of mind-numbing work.

Getting a cup of coffee or stretching your legs while walking over to the copier are a welcome and sometimes needed disruption of the intense task at hand. It could help to refocus and you don't want a robot enjoying those few breaks you would be looking forward to during the day.

The greatest concern however is that all those futuristic devices portrayed in the movies become reality. We already can communicate face to face by using our phones or even a watch, and Google glasses allow us to carry Internet with us no matter where we go. Although it is still in a very early stage, teleportation is on the verge of making its entrance in our lives.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Fifty years ago it was looked upon as figments of the imagination, but they have come to fruition. So, let's be careful. Robots can malfunction and you can't fire them.

West world or Terminator could be just around the corner!



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