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Friday, July 18, 2014

Five Steps to Prepare for the New Orleans Jazz Fest

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is one of the most exciting musical festivals in the entire country. There is simply no other venue that offers the same quality experience. Those who attend will experience the best music and a full range of cultural influences, all with a stunning New Orleans backdrop. After securing your ticket, it is important to properly prepare for such a venture. With a festival this size, a good experience depends largely on your ability to plan in advance.

1. Music. The New Orleans Jazz Fest is one of the largest gatherings of music in the country. Because of this, there are performances on multiple stages throughout the duration of the festival. It is essential to check the schedule to know when your favorite performers will be on stage. If there is a specific performer you want to see, seek out the schedule before even buying a ticket to ensure you purchase a ticket for the right date. It will be important to look at all the stages and then pick and choose which performances you would like to see. It is also worth noting that a variety of venues around the festival also have performances during this time, some of which may be worth checking out.

2. Food. Most people like Amir Landsman, attend the festival for more than one day, so it is possible to get every meal at the festival, including snacks and drinks. However, if you have particular dietary needs or are a picky eater, scout out the vendors in advance. This way you can get the meal you want instead of settling for something else. There are always options to fit every taste preference, including vegetarian, seafood and more.

3. Budget. While tickets, travel and food all come with a certain expense, it is worth working a little extra cash into your budget. The New Orleans Jazz Fest is more than a musical event. It is a cultural gathering, which means there are numerous other artisans and vendors onsite. This is a unique opportunity to buy distinctive crafts and collectibles, so many people enjoy having a little spending money on hand to indulge themselves while taking in the full cultural experience.

4. Accommodations. If you are traveling from a distance or plan on staying multiple days, you’ll likely need a hotel room. Because this festival is so popular, most of the hotels in the area fill up early. Make your reservations as soon as possible after purchasing your ticket. Hotels that are closer to the venue will be more expensive, but hotels that are farther away will make the commute longer.

5. Pack. There are many amenities at the festival, such as bathrooms, ATMs and more. However, it is still good to pack carefully for your time at the festival. Pack comfortable clothes that can be adapted for warmer climates. At the festival, guests can bring small backpacks or small soft-sided coolers. Personal water bottles are acceptable. Since many stages are outside, many people also bring small tarps, collapsible chairs and small umbrellas. You should bring enough to be comfortable without overburdening yourself with extra things.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is an exhilarating experience. Prepare yourself accordingly so you can have the best time possible.



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