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Monday, September 29, 2014

CNN: It's National Coffee Day

Woohoo! That means I can legitimately drink as much coffee as I like today. My hands are shaking in anticipation as I pour myself another cup of java. At least I think it the anticipation that is making me so jittery. Maybe I had too much caffeine already.

I am by no means a caffeine addict, but I sure like to have my cup of dark brown, stimulating, hot liquid gold in the morning. It chases away the remnants of sleep and gets my brain, as far as I possess one, in gear. I sure am not the only one who needs that jolt in the morning.

I am in the good company of millions of other coffee-lovers who like to start their day off right. Just imagine what it would be like not having any coffee at work. That is one gruesome idea, isn't it? Well, they are trying to push us in that direction; CBS: How to be more productive at work without a java jolt.

From experience I can tell you productivity would be next to nothing. I quit drinking coffee once and slept for almost three days before I finally got some sort of notion back that I was alive and well. Nah, I like this idea much better; ABC: Hack Your Favorite Drinks At Home This National Coffee Day.

That is more to our likings. So, what are we waiting for? Let's wake up and smell the coffee, or even better.

Let's pour a cup and enjoy it to the fullest!



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