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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CNN: Bank gives free cats with mortgages

How would you like to buy the house of your dreams and get a cat to go with it? Why Russians believe it is good luck when a feline is the first to enter a new-bought home is beyond me, but they do. Even with the cat being solid black color wise.

I suppose we all have our quirks and superstitions, but I wouldn't want a cat to go along with the mortgage and I sure wouldn't want it wandering in the abode. To me that would mean bad luck. I am allergic to cats and I would be gasping for air in no time.

Another risk is that some new home-owners may turn into cat ladies in the future. You just never know. Oh wait, the bank just 'lends' you the cat for two hours. Do you know what damage a cat can do in two hours and how hard it is getting rid of the smell? Thanks, but no thanks.

When you are considering renovations, don't make one of the Yahoo!: Common, costly bathroom renovation missteps. Do not put a cat door in your bathroom door. It is a waste of time and money and from an esthetical standpoint; it doesn't look and feel right. Cats will not use it anyway.

They hate water!



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