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Monday, October 20, 2014

CNN: Nightmare on Wall Street: Is it over?

I couldn't help but notice some really strange headlines in the media this morning. Why are they asking us if the nightmare is over? It is like a horror movie; you never know what you got yourself into and just when you think you survived, something else makes your blood run cold.

It is hard to tell when it is going to rear its ugly head again and it is best to be prepared and not let it catch you by surprise again. A better question to pose might have been; has it just begun?

We don't know, but whatever you do... don't fall asleep!

In case you invested in stock and lost a lot of money, you always have the option of CBS: Turning mushroom hunting into gold in the Yukon. Curiosity killed the cat and I had to find out how that worked. It didn't, because this headline was rather deceptive

It so turns out you literally have to find those particular mushrooms that come up maybe once every two to three hundred years, or after a forest fire, sell them and invest it in gold mining. Who has got the time for that? It is much quicker to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

That dream disappeared into thin air.

So, I moved on and stumbled upon the following headline that came across as being rather stupid, even to a blond: NBC: The Duchess Has a Due Date. No kidding! What a big surprise. I don't think anyone in their right mind was expecting Kate to be pregnant with this baby for the rest of her life.

Everyone knows the stork will eventually drop the kid in the cabbage patch!



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