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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

CNN: 9 beaches that define the English summer

It is not the beaches that define the summer. The amount of sunshine is more imperative which would ensure the beaches are well visited. Unfortunately, the sun's UV rays could lead to sunburns, a much higher risk of skin cancer and/or other skin disorders. A thick layer of sunscreen is no guarantee against any of these negative effects.

Another impact of catching too much sun is that your skin ages faster. Wrinkles and crow's feet will appear sooner and only aesthetic surgery can correct that. The best way of taking good care of your skin is to apply sunscreen with a high UV protection and retreat to a shady spot.

Wintertime can be just as devastating. The cold outside and warm air inside can lead to dry skin with all its woes, irritations, and blemishes. For good advice on skin care a "skin specialist delhi" has all the answers and can treat any of the aesthetic and dermatologic skin problems you are dealing with.

It sure wouldn't hurt to visit a dermatologist on a regular basis, just to be and stay on the safe side. An early detection of a skin disease can prevent a lot of grief and problems are the last thing we need to define our summer.

Or any other time for that matter!



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