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Monday, October 31, 2011

MSNBC: Let kids gorge on Halloween candy, dentists say

I was not surprised at all when I read this article, because I had heard it before; it is much better to eat the sweet treats in abundance just one time a day as opposed to eating just one treat several times during the day. Of course it would be better not to eat them at all, but that is easier said than done.

We sure would like for our children to have a white, bright, set of teeth and it would be a wasted effort when a San Antonio Orthodontist is spending all his time on getting your child's teeth nicely lined up, while they are slowly rotting away in its mouth.

It would not just be throwing time and effort out of the window, but money as well and once the San Antonio Orthodontist would be through with his intricate work, those sparkly whites would not last very long after eating all that candy every day.

It is in the realm of possibilities that your child is not even allowed to eat hard candy, because it may mess up the San Antonio Orthodontist's work. Guess what? The soft, chewy stuff is even worse; it sticks to the teeth and does its destructive trick even faster.

We can do without that trick or treat!



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