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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CNN: Getting ready for retirement

Every person is unique and experiences major changes in life differently. Some may already be anticipating it from day one, while it may take others a couple of weeks or sometimes even months. The rare die-hards finally can't escape it either and are just as eagerly looking forward to it; retirement.

The age of 65 used to be the magic marker, finally giving opportunity to elude the workforce and serving as a prelude to well-earned time of leisure, travel and hobbies. That age is no longer a given and the uncertainty of when, or even if it is ever going to happen at all, is the big question.

The 'if' is slowly but surely becoming more likely then the 'when'. A good, but sad example of that is the article I read this morning on BBC News, which made mention for plans that "retired people should be encouraged to do community work or face losing some of their pension".

One of the suggestions was to let retirees care for the 'very old'. I suppose the only thing we get to look forward to, when that comes to fruition, is reaching the status of being ancient of days and who or what determines the age-limit for that?

There is no need getting ready for retirement; just keep on dreaming!



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