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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yahoo!: 49ers star fined for weird clothes violation

The media has been buzzing lately with all kinds of news on the fashion-front, so to speak. One thing we found out is that wearing your socks too low will result in a substantial fine. How odd, because wearing your britches to a point where they are about to fall down is perfectly alright. How is that for knocking your socks off?

Here is another scoop concerning the latest fashion invention for you; Fox News: Can fat-melting 'hot pants' help you lose weight? My guess is that they can, otherwise this question wouldn't have been posed. It is a nice thought, but I think I will wait until they come up with clothes which digest my food and absorb the calories before they reach their final destination. How is that for peeling me a grape?

And then yesterday I came across a headline informing me there are moisturizing jeans. What's next? Age-defying caps, weight loss dresses, and muscle-toning shirts? I suppose we will soon have to switch over to a self-exercising wardrobe and that is going to be costly; our living-room doesn't have enough couches to accommodate all the potatoes. How is that for a kick in the britches?

I guess everything comes at a price, huh?!



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