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Thursday, January 17, 2013

CBS: Obama calls for sweeping new gun laws.

He sure is going great guns trying to enforce the new gun laws, but there are lots of people who are all up in arms about it. Both parties are armed to the teeth so to speak with arguments to defend their cause and are sticking to their guns.

It is hard to tell what the outcome will be. Both are going at it with blazing guns and strong-arm tactics. Someone will eventually have to lay down their arms, surrender, and accept defeat. Who will dodge the bullet is hard to predict at this moment.

It could well be that someone will beat the gun, since both are gunning for each other and are trying to find ways to spike their enemy's guns. I just wonder who is really under the gun here; those who are either for or against these laws, or the ones caught in the middle.

In case you haven't figured out yet who is in the crossfire, look both ways and don't be surprised when you are staring down the barrels. It is not just the majority of the people who are at aim here, but the Bill of Rights as well; just read Amendment II.

Those sweeping new gun laws will without a doubt sweep the country clean; lock, stock, and barrel!



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