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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ABC: Apps to Help With Resolutions

I read yesterday that of all those people who made resolutions, the majority already kicked them to the curb after not even being two weeks into the New Year. In other words; those resolutions hardly ever come to fruition.

It is much easier to make them than to carry them out. It is like a bad habit one tries to overcome. Determination, commitment, and perseverance, are constantly required and it would be advisable to have a support group around as a reminder and encouragement.

I suppose the apps function as the latter, although I can see how eventually that too can become extremely annoying. When your phone is constantly reminding you of what you need to do, the tendency to throw it out is hard to resist.

That urge may not come up, because most of the times, people can't find their mobile phones anyway. Those apps would therefore only be helpful to those who are neatly organized and remember where they put their belongings.

It would be more beneficial to many if they would just simply invent an app to remind people where their mobile phones are. Maybe that would be a good resolution: keeping track of your stuff.

That would eliminate the frantic, frustrating, aggravating, and agitating search for phones, keys, etc., and would make life a bit easier on the rest of us.

Even if it is only for a couple of weeks!



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