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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Yahoo!: Are you cut out to run your own business?

To each his own of course and not everyone may be able to stand up to and have the capability of dealing with the hustle and bustle that comes with running a business. Let's assume for a minute that you are cut out for it; right of the bat, you are being cut short, cut down, and cut back.

How so, you wonder? Well, first of all you got to come up with the capital to start your business and in this financial climate that is a huge hurdle to overcome. When you finally scraped it together and got your enterprise of the ground, you have to jump through hoops to end up with a profit after taxes have cut in.

It therefore shouldn't come as a big surprise that many potential business owners cut their losses already before even making an attempt. Their enthusiasm is not going to cut it and when determination sets in and they are committed to cut their teeth in entrepreneurship, they better keep in mind that it doesn't come with dentures.

Let's simply cut to the chase; the American dream has slowly but surely been cut down to size and is seemingly on its way to being cut to shreds. The government sure can try, but guess what? They can prevent people from realizing their dream, but they can't prevent people from dreaming.

At least not yet, that is!



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