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Monday, November 26, 2012

CNN: Do we still need Cyber Monday?

Of course we do! We actually need a lot more of those days and get great deals whenever we want or need them and not just on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Let's face it; we already are paying more for less where our groceries are concerned and are confronted with having to pay more taxes soon. Gas prices are still exorbitant and healthcare is expensive.

Add up all those expenses and you will come to the conclusion that your budget could use a serious boost, especially when you have to buy or replace an item or a product. You can't always wait for those 'deal' days to finally come around, so let's create some more.

How about Discount Tuesday, Bargain Wednesday, and Rebate Thursday? Not just once a year, but all year long. It wouldn't just aid our budget, but also guarantee the safety of all the customers.

Imagine; no sitting outside the stores in long lines, not having to fight over a good deal, no running from one retailer to another. Shop till you drop, but do it on your leisure with the knowledge there is always a tomorrow.

That sure sounds better then 'better luck next year'!



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