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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yahoo!: Live shark falls from sky onto golf course

Besides the shark, it blew me out of the water too. Who would suspect being exposed to these predators in the middle of a golf course?

That is my explanation for my state of mind. I wonder however what the shark's was. It isn't talking though. Maybe it is too embarrassed having bit the dust or maybe it is too ashamed having to admit it doesn't know its head from a hole in the ground.

I would say that coming out of the blue onto the green is one way of determining which is which!

Yahoo!: Who's that Taylor Swift song about, anyway?
That has been the big question from the start. Taylor knows. Everyone else assume they know. The guy in question is certain he knows. I am simply waiting for the sequel.

Taylor Swift's remake of the song by Carly Simon; 'You're so vain'!

Yahoo!: Florida's mystery monkey captured.
After two years of monkeying around and barking up the wrong tree, they finally managed to get a hold of this rhesus macaque. Why did it take them so long?

Maybe they were too embarrassed constantly having bit the dust or maybe they were too ashamed having to admit they didn't know their heads from a hole in the ground. There is a solution for that. Ask the flying shark.

At least all this monkey business has come to an end!

Yahoo!: Incredible photo captures 84 million stars.
I don't feel very inclined to count them, unless I want to see stars in front of my eyes for the rest of my life. Maybe you want to double-check. Let me know how many are missing?!



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