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Saturday, November 10, 2012

CNN: Beef tongue recalled; tonsils attached?

I am pretty convinced this topic loosens many tongues and causes lots of tongues to wag, since there are all types of food products in which this beef may be incorporated.

Those of you who like swallowing their usual portion of tongue may want to abstain for a while, until it is safe for consumption again. The last thing you need is coming down with a case of mad cow disease and finding out Obama-care is not as expected.

I find it rather odd that people have their tonsils removed when necessary, but cows get to keep theirs, while they present such a high risk for infection. Oh, they are being removed alright, but only after the cows have given up the ghost.

It is at the tip of my tongue to suggest removing a cow's tonsils in an early stage of its life and hence eliminating the possibility of dangerous mistakes. I will hold my tongue though, because I suspect this suggestion has already been beefed up by now.

At least I hope it has, because no one wants to be exposed to potential health risks and when the opportunity presents itself to diminish that then why neglect and reject it?

There may be numerous people who would have a beef with that!



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