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Saturday, November 17, 2012

ABC: Pelosi: No Deal Without Tax Hike for Wealthy

I always wanted to be wealthy and although money can't buy happiness, it sure comes in handy. It is very convenient, especially when you have more then enough of it and don't have to think twice before and about spending a penny.

Since the pay for my rendered physical, mental, and emotional energy and dedication poured into my work would not be enough to reach that status, the hopes of getting a windfall had grown to epical proportions over time.

I wrote the last in past tense. Nowadays being rich seems to be more of a curse then a benefit and the more money I would have, the more I would have to pay. The less money I would have, the more the government will take care of me.

It may sound like a good idea taxing the wealthy extra, but percentage-wise they only make up a fraction of this nation's population. That higher tax would hardly make a dent in the country's deficit; it would only result in another deficit.

How and what? That is quite simple and very quickly answered. The rich will relocate to a country with a much more tax-friendlier climate.

A tax hike for the wealthy will end up in the wealthy taking a hike from the taxes!



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