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Thursday, November 22, 2012

ABC: Avoiding Thanksgiving Health Hazards

I don't see how that is possible, because with so much tasty food on the table you are likely to over-eat. The only way you could avoid it is by skipping Thanksgiving dinner, but I sincerely doubt there will be many volunteers for that.

CBS: President pardons Thanksgiving turkey.
I stand corrected; there are plenty of volunteers for skipping Thanksgiving dinner and this turkey is one of them. Luck was on its side and it lives to see another day.

MSNBC: Macy's parade aims to be 'beacon of hope'.
There is hope for the next generation of turkeys, if they play it well. They could promote eating more pigs and this parade would be ideal for doing so, since it reaches millions of people. The parade would then become the 'bacon of hope'.

CNN: Sports turkeys of the year.
Those would definitely be the fastest runners who escaped a slam dunk into the frying pan or avoided a Hail Mary into the oven.

ABC: 6 Natural Cures for Dry Skin.
At least all the surviving turkeys of this year's Thanksgiving Day don't have to worry about that.

Fox News: Fix Turkey Day Disasters.
In case you were able to lay your hands on a turkey, be warned. It is not easy to dish up a golden brown, crispy, fully cooked, moist, main course. A turkey can rain on your parade from beyond its grave; you know how they go in the fryer or oven, but it is anyone's guess how they come out.

Yahoo!: Thanksgiving food that divides families.
It wouldn't be the first Thanksgiving dinner that ended up in a family feud over who gets the leg or the white meat and I suspect it wouldn't be the last one either. Yup, that's another way for a turkey to wreak havoc and have its revenge.

Yahoo!: Failproof guide to carving a turkey.
After the fall out with the family and their departure, there is no need anymore to wreck your brains over that. Just use your natural utensils and dig in!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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