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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yahoo!: How smartphones made us really dumb

Ever since the existence of mankind, intelligence has set us apart from the animal kingdom and ensured our world domination. Being able to think, communicate, and share information have played a huge role in evolution. Is that about to change now?

I suspect the first form of communication was done through uttering growls and other undefined sounds which eventually were associated with and recognized as having a particular meaning, and a language developed from there.

The written word may have existed already before that. Many caves show drawings from ancient times, telling the story of a way of life. Those stories turned into words and ended up in what we currently still know as books.

Communication took a flight as soon as the telegraph appeared and when after that a smart person invented a dumb phone. Another smart individual came up with the computer and yet another launched the internet. Combining the three is when the problem began.

We turned a dumb phone into a smart phone. Therefore, it isn't the smart phone that is to be blamed for making us really dumb; it is us. So there you have it and all that boils down to the following conclusion.

We simply outsmarted ourselves!



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