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Friday, March 25, 2011

MSNBC: Will end of price tags deal blow to shoppers?

There you are; cruising the isles, shopping list in your hand and filling your basket with the items on your list. You don't pay attention to the price of what you need; you have to have it anyway.

Previous experiences have shown your groceries cost only a few bucks each and even though there is no price displayed, it can't be that much more then before. So, you stick to your list and to your budget, or at least you think you are.

After having put the last staple in the basket, you head for the register. You are glad there is no line and start loading them onto the conveyor belt. The rapid, monotone sound of the scanner indicates the cashier is doing her job at a fast pace and you will be out the door soon.

The next thing you know is waking up on the floor of the store, while someone is gently slapping you in your face in order to bring you back to consciousness. You vaguely remember hearing the total amount you had to pay, before the lights went out.

You suddenly understand why there was no line in the store and why there were no price tags. You get up and feeling like being hit by a freight train you stagger out of the store; empty-handed and embarrassed.

Do you still wonder if the end of the price tags will deal a blow to shoppers???



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