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Friday, April 1, 2011

CNN: Bronx Zoo finds cobra missing 5 days

I hope this is not a snake in the grass and we find out tomorrow that it was nothing else, but an April Fool's joke. If it was, it wasn't a good one; imagine all those poor people tiptoeing around, afraid they might run in to it and then finding out it was all a hoax.

If it wasn't a joke, then maybe it would be wise to have someone's eyes checked. Just because they overlooked it didn't mean it escaped. The venomous cobra apparently never went missing at all: YAHOO: Missing Bronx Zoo cobra found in its reptile house. Missing something? Yeah, glasses!

If the cobra really took a stroll, then my guess is that it found out pretty soon that life was much easier, more comfortable, and a whole lot more enjoyable, laying around and kicking its heels.

Yup, there is no place like home!



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