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Friday, April 1, 2011

Make sure that you are watching the NFL playoffs

Contributed by Maria Ruiz

If you are interested in watching anything on television, then you should consider watching the NFL playoffs. Even if you have had no interest in watching football before, then you should make sure that you give the playoffs a shot. Just the competitive nature of the game is enough to get you wrapped up in the action. Every team that plays could be eliminated by simply losing one game. It is that spirit coupled with the fact that these are all of the best teams in the NFL that make the games worth watching. I personally find that very entertaining.

I was particularly thrilled with the idea that I was going to get to watch this year's games in HD (high definition). The network is showing all of these games in this way. I was personally interested in watching the Jets vs Colts game. I felt that this game was one of the less talked about games that was going to be on cannonsatellite tv. I suppose that everyone just assumed that the Colts were going to win the game easily. In the end though, this is still a playoff game with two very good teams. There is no reason to assume that any team is going to take a game easily. Instead, you are going to find that either team can win the game. As it turned out, the Jets won the game by a single point.



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