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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

YAHOO!: Cut your budget in just 30 minutes

That is easier said than done, especially if you have no budget. Otherwise, yeah; quit spending.

YAHOO!: Tricks to save money on printer ink
That sounds simpler then it is, because we need to print out all those coupons for cutting our budget.

ABC: Surfers Warned After Shark Attack
Uh, oh. Dude, you better quit the surfing.

CBS: Studies challenge wisdom of candidates' plans
They better stop trying to be a smarty pants; they are not fooling anyone.

CBS: Storm makes Central Park a mess before marathon
For the contestants who were dreading to participate, this could turn out to be the perfect storm.

CNN: Many still in dark after snowstorm
That is one way of cutting your budget. However, candles aren't cheap either, these days.

CNN: 7 billion reasons to empower women
I can think of one reason why not to: PMS.

YAHOO!: How to look slimmer in your jeans
This may take a little work, but it is doable; eat less or quit eating altogether.

CNN: Peanut butter prices go up a chunk
And the smooth, creamy budget you came up with requires crunching the number again, because it just went out the window.

MSNBC: Kim Kardashian files for divorce after 72 days
I am sorry to read this, but it may be a good idea for Kim neither to plan a wedding, nor a surprise for her husband anymore.

Fox News: Police: Oregon Man Broke Into Home to Watch TV
That certainly will cut the budget. I wonder though if that classifies as cable theft?

And that concludes the headlines for today. Have a good one!



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