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Monday, January 28, 2013

Fox News: Iran claims it has successfully sent monkey into space.

Let's hope they are just monkeying around and all of this is nothing but a joke to yank our chain. If it is not, we better come up with a plan how to throw a monkey wrench in the works, before it gets totally out of hand.

CBS: Obama and Clinton: The "60 Minutes" interview.
I honestly don't care what the interview reveals. I am more interested in their business and actions outside of those 60 minutes, since that could and would have a much greater impact on our daily lives then watching an hour of exchanging pleasantries.

ABC: Baby Warthog Kisses Mom.
That is one interpretation. Mine would be that it didn't want to embarrass its mom and got up close and personal when it posed the question: "When I am all grown up, am I going to be as ugly as you"?

CNN: Ticker: Obama wary of football violence.
Oh gosh, you know what that means don't you? We better prepare to kiss our nation's number 1 sports goodbye, because we can expect football laws and football control in the near future and we can fume all we want.

Yahoo!: Ten worst things you can do to your car.
Let's switch that around to 'ten worst things your car can do to you'. The worst one would definitely be running out of gas. We would have to walk all the way up to a gas station and spend and arm and a leg for a few gallons.

That is another thing to be fuming about!



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