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Friday, January 24, 2014

NBC: Quirky magazine cover depicts Hillary Clinton as a planet

Suppose there really was a Hillary Clinton planet. I couldn't even begin to imagine what such a planet would look like. Would it be icy cold or decimating hot? Either way, I suspect the temperature would not be very comfortable and agreeable.

How about oxygen? Since earth's atmosphere is rather unique and we have not come across anything like it, we can safely assume it would not be a life-sustaining planet. It could be habitable, but having to haul oxygen tanks around 24/7 would be rather inhibiting and cumbersome.

Should there ever be a planet with her face on it then I sure hope it will be far, far away in the galaxy. It would give me goose bumps knowing she was watching our every move. It is already bad enough finding out 'big brother' has and still is watching us. We sure can do without his big sister.

Maybe we ought to thank our lucky stars there is not really a planet named after and resembling her, at least not yet. If anything, we may consider naming a fly-by comet after her. Maybe there will be after everything has been said and done.

But hey, I don't see how any of that matters at this point?!



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