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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Yahoo!: Obama to announce first 'Promise Zones'

Oh no, not more promises. I don't think I can stomach that. The last promises resulted in an extremely bad case of diarrhea and I wasn't the only one who came down with that virus. We are still trying to recuperate from that.

Seeing a doctor is out of the question. Money still doesn't grow on trees; believe me, I tried. The wallet is either thin or empty and most people are rather apprehensive about seeing their new physician since they don't know him from Adam.

Oh well, this too shall pass and as long as we don't place too much value on promises, we might come out all right. At least we are not being blamed for this, yet. It is costing us a lot of money though and as if that is not enough, Fox News: Taxpayers chip in on birthday gift for first lady.

Hold on a minute now. I wasn't asked if I wanted to chip in. Who in their right mind would even think I could donate money for a birthday gift if I wouldn't even be able to afford seeing my doctor? They must have expected too many negative responses.

I suppose that is why the question wasn't posed and why we found out after the fact where our greenbacks went. At least now we know our purpose in life.

Mandatory volunteers!



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