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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CNN: Website like 'night, day'

We can take that in the literal sense of the word: it goes down for the count at night and wastes away your day by making your wait in a queue which doesn't seem to be moving along. It is making it painfully obvious CNN: HealthCare.gov still not up to par.

According to spokesman Jay Carney, this queue is a significant improvement compared to the error message which popped up on the screen previously when people were trying to enroll. I totally disagree due to the following reasoning.

When a site tells you an error occurred, you can go about your business and always try again later when it is convenient to you. When being 'put in line' so to speak, you are locked down to the computer since you never know when your number will be coming up, or if it will at all.

I don't call that an improvement by any means. I would consider this to be an even worse scenario. It is any one's guess what they still got in store, or in this case the marketplace, for us. One thing I am sure of though; many people are not going to like this 'screenplay'.

It is past time they get their act together!



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