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Saturday, November 9, 2013

ABC: 10 Popular Foods With Trans Fats

I could provide you with a list of those popular foods, but what does it matter at this point? We can protest all we want and no matter if we are dead-set against it, the decision is made and it will be shoved down our throats.

All those yummy, fatty foods will be gone before we even know what happened and replaced with something we didn't ask for. There is no doubt in my mind we will also have to pay more for their replacements. The less they put in it, the higher the price.

Supposedly, less trans fat will keep us healthier. That at least is a plus when you have to buy a new insurance package offered through the new Care Act. Yeah, I left out 'Affordable' on purpose since it turns out for many that it isn't.

We like our fatty-filled foods, but we sure are not allowed to keep them. I don't know what they will come up with and churn out instead. I probably shouldn't take the word 'churn' in my mouth either, because it is dripping with trans fat.

I am having flash backs. It all sounds too familiar. We are constantly being pushed out of our comfort zone. We had at least something to fall back on, but soon that will no longer be the case.

Bye-bye comfort foods!



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