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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fox News: GOP: Government shutting down sites with no savings

Uh oh, I suppose a lot of people will be highly disappointed when trying to look at the government's websites for answers and find out there are none available. How is that for a surprise, or... is it?

It is all part of the shutdown, although there is one thing that goes way beyond my comprehension. Why is it necessary to spend more money on shutting down these sites when keeping them up and running is less costly?

I guess you have to be a politician to understand the reasoning behind this matter. It may well be that it is all part of the plan throwing a wrench in Obamacare. That might explain why CBS: Obamacare website's problems persist a week after launch.

Another possibility for all the problems this website is encountering could be that there is a higher power at work. Usually, when you run into that many pitfalls and bumps in the road, it is a sign that it is not meant to be.

That leaves you with two options. The first option is to stop, retrace your steps, and reconsider. You may have to compromise here and/or there, but once you reach the goal everyone involved and affected will be much better off.

The second option is continuing to be stubborn and head for disaster!



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