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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yahoo!: Surprising study on popular e-cigarettes

We should have seen that coming. Since the government is loosing an enormous amount in taxes due to the fact that more and more people switch over to electronic cigarettes, they have to come up with some good reason to compensate for that.

If you read the article carefully, you will notice that only 30% of all the available e-cigs have been studied. There also have been numerous studies and researches already way before this one. Apparently, the results of those came up smelling like a rose, otherwise we already would have heard about it.

There are some more discrepancies in the article and I suspect we can safely come to the conclusion that the outcome of this study will be used to put more money in the pocket, and it is not going to be ours. All this blowing smoke is only adding to the Yahoo!: Reasons why you're grumpy.

And then we have the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington coming up. This will not only be attended by our nation's leader, but he will also give a speech in which NBC: Obama must balance history and reality in tribute.

That shouldn't be very hard to do and could be compiled in just one sentence. It would be short, but not sweet: 'I turn everyone's dream into a nightmare'!

Sorry, but the truth is not always very pleasant!



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