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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

CBS: Marg Helgenberger to return for "CSI" 300th episode

I am not surprised. There are so many different channels broadcasting a similar series and each one of them is trying to capture the viewer's attention. With so much competition you have to come out on top and bringing back one of the popular actresses might just do the trick.

Those series don't really have my preference. To be honest with you, I am getting a little weary of them. I would rather get involved in a good old-fashioned legal drama. Maybe they can rerun Matlock and Perry Mason, or come up with a totally new show with a criminal attorney in Montreal at the center.

As long as the directors don't use the reality show concept. We are already bombarded more then enough with those as well. If they resort to the good ole' TV times, I for one would be thrilled watching all the cases a Criminal lawyer in Montreal would be confronted with on a daily basis.

The series wouldn't specifically have to evolve around a Canadian attorney. I suspect most lawyers around the world sadly enough deal with uniform cases. It would just be a consolation watching other countries struggle with and handle criminal behavior for a change, even if it would be just on a TV show.

We already have enough of our own!



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