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Monday, August 5, 2013

Fox News: LAUGHING IT UP. Study: Dems Are Punch Lines for Late-Night Comics.

Surprised? Don't be. It was bound to happen sooner or later. At least the comedians give us some reason to laugh, unlike the Democrats. There is absolutely nothing funny about any of the sad and depressing actions they have shown us lately.

There is another difference: the punch lines sprung from the brains of the comics are entirely and solely for the entertainment and amusement of the public. The Dems can rightfully claim that these are 'phony scandals'.

At least there is nothing phony about the royal baby. He does what babies do best; NBC: New dad Prince William: Baby George keeps us 'on our toes'. I consider that to be a half and an understatement.

George keeps them up and when he finally falls asleep, they tip-toe around in order to ensure he won't wake up. That is why and how little George keeps them on their toes.

Phony is high on the list where our groceries are concerned. You may have already found out for yourself what Yahoo: Sneaky tricks food companies use and that you pay the same for less.

Cans have gotten smaller and contain less. The same goes for boxes and in case the size of the box or can stayed the same, the content has been reduced. I suppose all of that also falls under 'Obamacare'; give the people less. Why? Less is more.

Yeah, right. That is as phony as a three-dollar bill!



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