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Monday, July 8, 2013

CNN: Kids find 5-pount mastadon tooth

How is that for a treasure hunt? These kids must have been elated after they found out what they had uncovered, discovered, and brought home. You talk about a blast from the past. This sure is one!

Fox News: Crook nabbed after Fla. teen hiding in closet makes call.
We may not always be too happy with the fact that our teens own a cell phone. Sometimes we wished they would throw it away and have a normal conversation. There are situations though when those phones prove their worth. This sure is one!

NBC: Backyard chickens dumped when hipsters can't cope, critics say.
Keeping chickens sounds like a ton of fun, but when push comes to shove it turns out you bit off more then you can chew. They have to be fed each day and provided with fresh water, their coop has to be kept clean, and the fence has to be maintained.

Okay, you get free, fresh eggs in return. When pondering upon circumstances where there are more downsides then benefits though; this sure is one!

CNN: Obamacare delay disastrous.
This is a clear example of biting off more then one can chew. The whole thing has become so complicated that no one knows up from down anymore; let alone how it really works or how to get it to work.

We never like to find ourselves in the middle of a scenario that makes us sick to our stomachs and especially when we can't afford it.

This sure is one!



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