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Monday, June 17, 2013

CBS: Putin denies stealing Patriots Super Bowl ring

Whether Putin did or didn't steal the ring is up in the air. Some politicians may even pose the question; what does it matter at this point? My question would be why it took eight years for the owner to finally decide to make it publicly known that his Super Bowl ring was missing and possibly stolen.

One would suspect that the disappearance of this prize possession would not have gone unnoticed for very long. One would think it would have been discovered the same day. Why didn't anyone get to the bottom of it then? On the other hand, it may all have been a big misunderstanding.

According to Yahoo!: Ring row: Kremlin says Super Bowl ring was a gift to Putin. I can see how that would have played out. The owner showed the ring to Putin. The last one is under the impression it is a gift and the first one is too scared to ask it back. The owner's fear could have played a huge role in all this. After all, Siberia was awfully close.

There is another possibility; the interpreter did a lousy job. When the owner was telling Putin how he got the ring, the interpreter may have put his own spin on it. You just never know and it wouldn't be the first time this happened.

There is a lot more that may get 'lost' in translation!



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