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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yahoo!: A contentious year in golf

I won't argue with that. A lot of controversy has been going on where this sport is involved and most of it was, in my humble opinion, with good reason. For many it is a hobby and this outdoor sport should be enjoyed to the fullest, when you have the spare time to do so.

Being out on the green may clear the mind and divert from all the predicaments at hand, but it doesn't solve them. On the contrary; when you are about to play a round of golf, the problems may get completely out of hand in the mean time.

You will not only tee off the golf ball, but a lot of people as well. I can not even begin to imagine how I could take pleasure in the game with the knowledge that there is so much that needs seeing to, taking care of, and/or would be in urgent demand of my attention.

I suppose my sense of responsibility wouldn't let me set it all aside and pretend everything is hunky-dory. Maybe I ought to loosen up and talk to some people who are able to do that. I sure would love to hear their secret and probably could learn a thing or two. It is doubtful though.

Suspicion tells me it only works for certain people in high places!



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