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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CBS: Big 4 cell phone carriers taking on texting-while-driving

I sure hope they come up with a good solution to the problem. I also hope they are smart enough not to exchange ideas through text messages while being behind the wheel. That would totally defeat the purpose.

NBC: Angelina Jolie: I had double mastectomy to avoid cancer.
I can appreciate taking precautions, but her actions go a bit too far. There are heart problems in my family, but I don't get a pace-maker to avoid them. My mom has diabetes, but I don't load myself up with insulin as a preventative measure. For all I know, I may never suffer from any of those conditions. Is she going to have her brain removed in order to avoid stupidity?

CNN: Obama: Don't make circus of Benghazi.
We didn't. It was turned into a 'circus' right after it happened; when the clowns were sent in to distract the public from knowing the real problem. And then I come across the following: NBC: This has been 'spun up': Obama defensive on Benghazi. I totally agree that a huge, tangled web has been weaved concerning and around Benghazi. It is time to unravel it and the quicker the better.

Yahoo!: Study: Plants communicate with each other via underground fungi.
They warn each other through fungi that insects are on the attack. That way, other plants can take action to ward off the attack and survive. How cool is that? It seems like plants have more brains and watch out better for each other then some people do.

And last but not least: Yahoo!: U.N. encourages people to eat more insects.
There is only one thought that crossed my mind after reading that unappetizing piece of advice.

We all lead by example!



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