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Friday, April 19, 2013

ABC: Manhunt for Marathon Suspect Shuts Down Watertown

There is no way around it; the manhunt is on. The media has been focused on and is buzzing ever since the bombs went off during the Boston Marathon and everyone is on high alert and eager to find the person responsible for the sorrow and devastation the bombing has caused.

Apparently, one of the two suspects is dead, but the other one is still on the run. I sure hope he will be stopped dead in his tracks and brought to justice. Even though authorities don't want to call it an act of terror; I do. There is nothing that instills more terror in people than knowing and being shown how vulnerable and easily harmed they are.

Evidence is pointing more and more towards terrorism as well. The suspects are identified as being brothers and originally stemming from a region in Russia which is under Islamic influences. It also turned out that at least one of them has been in the U.S. no longer then a year.

Combine all those facts and you have a plot planned well in advance. Nothing is for sure at this point and it is all based on speculation on my part, but according to the President: "We will find out who did this and we will hold them accountable."

I sure hope he will keep his word and that this case, as several have been in the past, is not being swept under the rug!



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